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Thingsboard - IoT Cloud

Provides a range of services for building successful IoT solutions using Thingsboard. We offer expert consultation to navigate complexities, bespoke widget development for unique data, responsive dashboard design for easy visualization, custom development for extensions, and server setup and management for optimal performance.

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Flutter - Mobile Apps

Specializes in developing customized mobile applications using Flutter, with a focus on providing solutions that go beyond the usual API-based mobile apps. We have extensive experience in integrating with the Notion API and Thingsboard API. Moreover, we possess expertise in building apps for IoT solutions that require in-depth knowledge of protocols such as BLE, MQTT, and others

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Services: Thingsboard (IoT Cloud)



Building IoT cloud solutions with Thingsboard is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of the relationships between different entity types, expertise in setting up rule chains, creating appropriate aliases for dashboards, and a thorough understanding of user roles and permissions.

As experts in Thingsboard, we offer consultation services to help our clients navigate these complexities and achieve successful outcomes. Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through the intricacies of Thingsboard, helping you to build effective and efficient IoT solutions that meet your business needs.


Custom widgets

Although ThingsBoard provides many built-in, out-of-the-box widgets, we understand that they may not cover every use case.

That's why, we offer bespoke widget development for displaying and analyzing unique data, as well as creating custom control widgets for specific devices


Responsive dashboard

ThingsBoard dashboards are not limited to fixed grid layouts, and can be made fully responsive and interactive to meet the needs of any user. With no limits on the layout or interactivity.

Our team can create customized ThingsBoard dashboards that provide the perfect user experience for your specific use case. From mobile devices to large screen displays, our dashboards are designed to fit seamlessly and intuitively, ensuring easy data visualization and analysis for your IoT solution.



ThingsBoard offers a wide range of customization options to meet the unique needs of any business. With extensions for UI and rule nodes, businesses can leverage the full benefits of Angular and create complex rule chains to analyze data.

we provide custom development services for these extensions, ensuring that your IoT solution is fully optimized to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team can help you design and implement custom extensions to unlock the full potential of ThingsBoard and take your IoT solution to the next level



We provide ThingsBoard server setup and management services for optimal IoT solution performance. Our experienced team configures and manages server settings, data storage, and troubleshooting for peak efficiency.

Services: Flutter(Mobile Apps)


Thingsboard Mobile App

Customize your ThingsBoard mobile app with our development service. We can change the existing ThingsBoard mobile app UI and use maximum ThingsBoard dashboard to meet your unique business needs.

We can also integrate other IoT features to incorporate inside your ThingsBoard mobile app, providing a tailored solution that exceeds your expectations.


IoT Apps

Developing a mobile app for IoT requires a range of specialized expertise, including knowledge of communication protocols like BLE, NFC, MQTT, and more.

our team of experienced developers has the knowledge and skills needed to create custom IoT mobile apps that integrate seamlessly with your IoT devices.


Notion based

We offer custom mobile app development services using Notion API for both public and personal integration. Our team of experienced developers can design and build mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with Notion, providing you with access to your data and documents on the go.

Whether you need a mobile app for public use or for personal integration with Notion, our team can provide expert guidance and create a custom solution to meet your specific needs.


Custom Mobile App

Mobile app development service isn't limited to notion-based or IoT apps. We specialize in creating or redesigning custom mobile apps.

We can build from scratch using a REST API or revamp an existing app, all while delivering high-quality apps that meet your specific needs.

Open-Source Projects



ExpenseFusion is a mobile app designed to help you easily log and track your expenses.

With ExpenseFusion, you can quickly enter details about your expenses.ExpenseFusion is the perfect tool to help you stay on top of your expenses and achieve your financial goals

  • Notion as Backend
  • Full Privacy
  • Free to use

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NTMoko is a mobile app designed to help you test and understand devices from Moko Smart Manufacturer.

With NTMoko, you can easily connect to your Moko Smart device and perform a variety of tests to understand its features and capabilities

  • Ready to test Moko devices
  • Helps to Understand Device features
  • No registration

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About Us


Nistantritech Private Limited, founded in 2020, help businesses build IoT cloud solutions using Thingsboard with ease and expertise. In addition to this also provides mobile app development with Flutter.

We strive to become the go-to partner for Thingsboard development and mobile app development, leveraging our unique knowledge and experience to provide top-quality solutions to our clients.

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